Accepted Payment methods

Credit card or Paypal

We accept locally and internationally issued Mastercard or VISA credit or debit cards for payments and ensure the proper measures to keep your account details safe.  We in no way store this information in our systems and this is passed through a secure payment gateway.

Bank transfer

If the most convenient  money transform is through bank you can send it through our account details below:

Account Name: Emmanuele R Calero
Account number: 9159 – 0774 -86

We allow 3 banking days for you to complete the deposit. *Note: Inquire with your bank if your transaction is subjected to bank charges in order to make the appropriate adjustment in your deposit. After you’re done with your transaction please send the  transaction receipt of your payment through our Payment confirmation form, so we can verify your payment.

Smart money or Gcash

We also accept telco’s money sending platform. You can send your payment through the details below:

Globe Gcash:
Name: Metro Tacloban
Number: 0921 – 4233 – 617

Smart Money:
Name: Metro Tacloban
Number: 0956 – 2795 – 545

After you’re done sending, please send the confirmation text through our Payment confirmation form, so we can verify your payment.