A Music Rehearsal Studio in Tacloban City.

2nd floor of Yutangco Bldg, Burgos Street.

PLEASE CALL 0933 872 7760 for more information and reservations.


FREE USE of Guitar Effects!

Equipment List:

Guitar Amps:

Fender Champion 100 watts
Blackstar ID CORE Stereo 100 watts
Blackstar 5HT-R Tube Amp Head
JOYO Mjolnir High Gain Tube Amp
Laney Ironheart Cab
Marshall MG412CF 4x12 Cab

Bass Amps:

Laney RB8
Hartke HD75

Ibanez Gio GRG121DX
Les Paul Copy
Fender Mexico Stratocaster

Yamaha TRBX 304
Ibanez Ergodyne

Pearl Export Series
Arborea AP Series Cymbals

Guitar Effects:
Boss, Joyo, Mooer, etc.

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