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Have you ever heard about Canigao Island? We’re sure you’ve heard of this beautiful island as this is a popular destination in Leyte. Canigao is a small island in Matalom, Leyte. The island is just 15 minutes banca ride away from the mainland.

Canigao Island

Outrigger bound for Canigao Island
Transportation going to Canigao island. At the background, the island is visible already. In just 15 minutes travel time you can enjoy Canigao island has to offer.

Arrival at Canigao Island
White sand, and clear waters will meet you at the island.

Canigao Island
Quiet, relaxing shoreline

Canigao Island
at the back portion of the island. Beautiful!

Canigao Island
Look, a sandbar!

Kids enjoying the beach at Canigao Island
Locals come here every weekend to enjoy the white sand beach

Panoramic view, sandbar in Canigao island
Panoramic view at the back of the island where there’s also a sandbar.

Canigao Island
Lighthouse in the island

Canigao Island

Canigao Island

Canigao Island

Canigao Island

Canigao Island

Canigao Island
Boracay? Nah. There’s also sand castle in Canigao!

Sign at Canigao Island
Reminder to all those tourists who come here to preserve its natural beauty of the island.

Sunset view in Canigao Island
Sunset in Canigao island is just amazing!

Sunset in Canigao island
Tourists enjoying the sunset view

Canigao island is the perfect getaway from the busy city life. Matalom, Leyte is a 3 hour drive from Tacloban city.


Originally published in March 2012

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  2. Wow! A beautiful Island – how I wish I could spend a day or two in that island!

  3. Beautiful island indeed. We were also actually wanting to visit back to Canigao for 2 nights vacation break!

  4. I wish someday I will go this island…

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